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We are looking for a Sound Designer. As a sound designer, you'll work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, in which you'll be responsible for creating the high-quality audio for the project you will be working on. You will be composing, recording, and performing musical scores and arrangements that complement, commercials, 3D movies/stories, cartoons, and video games etc.

Technological aptitude of audio software is essential in order to produce the best effects, and you'll need to communicate your vision effectively to others. You'll learn to be ultra-aware of the everyday noises happening around you and to incorporate these in your work, especially when creating sounds for radio or games.

Skills & Expertise

  • 2 year(s) of experience in Sound Design.
  • A portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of sound design and audio production techniques.
  • Music - including digital music, music production and music technology.
  • Sound/audio engineering.
  • Sound for 3D cartoon, games, films, and other animations.
  • An understanding of how sound works alongside other elements, including set, lighting, moving image, or an interactive virtual world.
  • The capability to mix in a variety of formats, including Stereo Dolby Atmos, as well as spatial audio.
  • Abilities in a range of post-production skills, including editing and mastering.
  • Competency using STEAM as a games creation platform.
  • Knowledge of acoustics.
  • Knowledge of scripting systems for games.
  • Video editing skills including Premier Pro, Final Cut, Avid and Avid Media Composer.
  • Sound knowledge of software, such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sound Forge and Cool Edit Pro.
  • Knowledge of game engines, such as Unreal and Unity.
  • Good time-management and organisational skills for meeting delivery specifications and deadlines.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Create, update, maintain and add to sample and sound libraries.
  • Develop the sound concept for a project and a sound map or storyboard from a script or project description.
  • Use digital sound processing (DSP) to manipulate and synthesise sound and music.
  • Enhance or distort sounds using software samplers, synthesisers and audio plug-ins.
  • Work alongside other professionals including storyboard artists, 3D animators, concept artists, voice over artists etc.
  • Use various different sound implementation systems such as Wwise, FMOD, Unity and Unreal.
  • Use in-game implementation systems.
  • Compose and engineer music.
  • Assist in post-production by improving sound quality or adding sound over video.
  • Record, layer and produce sounds and sound effects for a desired impact.
  • Spot, arrange and edit audio into video or other delivery mechanisms.

31 August, 2023
21 July, 2023
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