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We are looking for a highly skilled 3D Animator to join our company, who has proven experience in the relevant industry and must bring an imagined universe and its characters to life. Everything within frame has scope, weight, and meaning. Animators need to be able to visualize new worlds into being. Our ideal candidate will have the expertise on modern 3D Animation software and be skilled at every step the animation process, from the concept to the final deliverable. The movements and trajectories created by an animator are inputted into the relevant software as mathematical equations which are then rendered via a graphics processing unit that outputs the final animation in what's called a 'playblast'. This is then reviewed by supervisors, directors, and clients for approval.

The candidate should be able to take direction from written or spoken ideas and convert them into the 3D character animation with character rigging and skinning, camera angles as directed, properties objects' animated movement that connects with our audiences. The candidate should have the real world conceptual mind to create/produce the 3D animators that looks genuine.

Skills & Expertise

  • Proficiency in programs such as Blender (Preferred), 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lumion, Unreal Engine, and Adobe Suite.
  • 2 - 3 years of working experience as a 3D animator.
  • Must be able to create character rigging and skinning.
  • Portfolio of work with a wide range of 3D animation work.
  • Strong analytical, time management, and organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of animation layouts.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of 2D animation would be a plus.

Role & Responsibilities

  • 'Breathing life' into 3D rigged models.
  • Researching visual style, genre, and technologies to produce each individual project.
  • Applying motion capture to enhance performances.
  • Identifying key scenes and sequences.
  • Transforming storyboards into animated sequences.
  • Managing files, animation libraries, and updating procedures documentation.
  • Integrating sound and syncing dialogue.
  • Create character and environmental objects rigging and skinning.
  • Good instinct for timing, movement, and editing cuts.
  • Understanding of acting techniques, cinematography, and visual storytelling.
  • Understanding of anatomy, how limbs move, the effect of weight, and the behavior of skin and flesh.
  • Advanced concept of visual language - perspective, point of view, proportion, color, composition, framing, etc.
  • Working knowledge of the laws of physics - gravity, acceleration, and the laws of energy.
  • Suggest and implement best practices and optimizations throughout animation projects.
  • Ensure projects are completed promptly and are of high quality.

31 August, 2023
21 July, 2023
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